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Présentation objet du futur

Publié le 24/02/2023

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« Présentation objet du futur texte Chacun : - my name is Noa – my name is Florian – my name is Michaël Noa : And we are going to talk about a water purifier. First of all the summary which is in chronological order of the slide show begins with the presentation, then how it works, its impact on the environment, wastewater recycling in different countries, its performance, the data and to finish the conclusion.

So the presentation, Henry Doulton has create this water purifier in one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven (1827) in a contexte where it was necessary to fight and eradicate an epidemic of cholera and typhoid. Florian : Now its working, first fill the water in the top tank, secondly wait for it to pass through the filters, thirdly wait for the drops to fall down, finally recover purified water through a small tap.

For its environmental impact, the wastewater causes diseases, massive species mortalities and provides some toxic effects.

And drinking water.... »


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