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Speech on education

Publié le 01/02/2023

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« English speech Hello everyone Nowdays, more than 500 000 millions people are illinetrate.

This scandalous Number is one of the reason that i am going to talk about an essantial topic : the importance of education in our society. Education is an fundamental right of each human beigns.

It’s a process that improves our knowledge, skills and develops personality and attitude. Indeed, education beging in the early childhood.

A good education can change the perception of the world.

For example, with a more open minded education, we can change the situation of women around the world.

We can break old customs like child mariage, make equal opportunities in the workplace, and at school by educating in a right way the men and women of our society.

As you understand, education can develops a better society and make it a better place by promotion gender equality. Education can also be a powerful weapon in the.... »

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