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Publié le 24/12/2023

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« WHISKY WARNING : Alcohol is dangerous for children and young people from the first drop ! INTRODUCTION The whisky is a strong alcohol.

It was invented centuries ago in Scoltland. We don’t know the exact origin, but we know that scottish monks where the first to distill this alcohol. The Picts,a people of Celtic produced an early form of whisky around the 5th Century. They had advanced knowledge of agriculture and distillation techniques. The Irish disagree with the origin of Whisky.

They says Whisky was invented in Ireland by Irish. This drink was made with fermented cereals like -wheat, barley*. corn, rye, malted * Malt is germinated cereal grain We must use stills to make the alcohol and to age it for 3 years. The name of whisky in Scotland is Scotch. CONTEXT The historical, social and scientific context : In the Middle Ages, strong alcohol was used for perfume and medicine. After the 12th century, scottish Monks made the a strong alcohol named « Aquae Vitae » ( water for life) with malted barley.

It was the first whisky. At the time, whiskey was considered like a medicinal drink and was used to cure and heal. In 1494, John Cor, a scottish monk wrote the first recipe of whisky to make 1 500 bottles.

He distilled malted barley. In 1536, the King Henry 8 forbade the Monks.

Monastic communities dissolved by Henry VIII.

Monks made distillation for living and began to teach and pass their knowledge. Scottish farmers began to drink more this alcohol « from the cradle to the grave ». It was good for the healthy and better than water.

They had cereals in the fields but with the climate they could’nt keep the cereals.

Thats’s why the crops were used for distillation and.... »


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