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Medias in the US and their transformations

Publié le 26/09/2022

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« What are the transformations of medias ? There are quite a few clues in the set of documents sustaining the idea that indeed the Media have, over the past two decades.

Already the title of Document A leaves very little doubt as to the « reshaping » of some of the US TV Channels, such as, in this particular case, Fox News.

As for Document B, there also happens to be mention of a « change » under Jeff Bezos. So the question remains as to the way the US media have changed over the past two decades at least.

We shall see that the change is not only one in content but also one in the very financial heart of the media organs. First, it seems to be stating the obivous to say that the media now seem to be more openly leaning to the right than they ever did.

Sure enough, Trump’s heritage is not unrelated to that.

Tucker Carlson indeed very intently focuses on any such divisive topic that the most conservative Republicans would have focused on such as immigration or nativism.

Interestingly enough, he has the same caremongering-style as Trump’s in his heyday.

He is indeed said to not only be « Trump’s heir » but also to have « adopted increasingly catstrophic views on immigration,’ blowing a wind of ‘white panic’ that is clearly illustrated in Document E, clearly displaying the worried face of Carlson in the face of a long queue of so-called immigrants who could have in fact gone from nowhere.

Drama seems.... »


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