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American school system and inequalities

Publié le 06/06/2022

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« American school system and inequalities Organization : For the homework and grades : The Us system requires weekly or even biweekly readings as well as other assignments such as small or big writing projects, major research papers and oral presentations.

The grades are based on the performance of the student on the variety of assignments with a final exam making up only a percentage of your total grade. Accommodation : universities provide residence halls in which to live, the students share a bedroom with at least one person. How hard it is : Students work, in general, incredibly hard, they spend long nights studying and taking multiple extracurriculars activities.

There is not one hour of the day that the libraries remain unoccupied or the dorm buildings turn fully dark.

They barely have time to eat and sleep. Cost : The cost of education is far from cheap.

Indeed, the average tuition fee for public institutions is 3000 $ per year while the average fee for private four year-institutions is around $29,000 per year.

Some private institutions can cost up to $50, 000 per year. A major part of this money come from the income and the savings of American families.

It means that they had to reach into their own pockets to pay for their child’s education.

That’s why more than half of American families had to borrow money to pay-off their depts due to their child’s studies. Families take individual approaches when paying for college, relying on various sources of funding.

Both parents and students are invested / involved in decisions about to pay for college but higher education weighs heavily on American families. That’s why there is aids available in order to help students who need it.

But only 28% of financial aid come from the American government. Scholarships = students who deserves it Grants = depending on the income But some families depend on scholarships and grants to cover college costs. Without this aid, many students might not be able to attend college. We can deduce that college has a deep impact on the future lives of both parents and students. Student debt crisis :. »