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Billy Elliot résumé

Publié le 19/10/2023

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« Billy Elliot is a 2000 British coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Stephen Daldry and written by Lee Hall. One of the most critically acclaimed and culturally significant British films of recent decades.

Set in the 1980s, during the miners' strike, the film follows a boy who finds a new love for ballet, going against the wishes of his family. Billy Elliot is a rebellion movie of the miners against a power they consider unjust but specially rebellion of Billy against the stereotypes of the genre: having accepted himself that the ballet was not necessarily reserved for the girls, he will try to convince his father and his brother. The film raises several important topics that are unfortunately still present today, including prejudice, family expectations, and social pressure to conform to a specific role based on their sex. What I'm trying to say is that the film is a learning story. Learning because the characters discover themselves, they learn to know themselves and especially to accept themselves. RESUMO: The film tells the story of Billy Elliot, an eleven-year-old boy who lost his mother when he was little and who lives with his father Jackie, his brother Tony and his grandmother in Durhan, a small town in England.

While the father and brother go out daily to work in the coal mines, Billy remains in charge of caring for his grandmother who has alzhaimer. Billy practices boxing in a small gym at the behest of his father, but he dislikes the sport. One day the boy is watching the ballet and is invited by one of the students to join them.

First, he refuses, but then decides to dance.

Billy then begins to practice ballet: he waits for all the boys to leave the gym to practice and at home he hides the sneakers so that either father or brother don't know of his newest occupation.

Meanwhile, Billy's father and older brother Tony - both on strike - struggle to put food on the Table.

Their pent up frustrations.... »


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